Thursday, June 11, 2009

Inflated hospital bills for IT people

Today I came across this article on moneycontrol site. After reading this it came to my mind as what is said int he article is very true. Other than what is said in the article hospitals and doctors tend to charge more for people with specific profession or designation.

I had this first hand experience as I was ill last year in this month. And I was under treatment at one of the hospital which was near my house. First the doctor treated me for normal cold then for pneumonia. Then after wards I started to get asphyxiate attacks in the night. The doctor told me to get admitted in the hospital. Once I was admitted they kept on changing the medicine regularly and the medicines where costly. Then after 7 days they released me from the hospital. When I looked up the bill it was around Rs.40000/- Also afterwards I had to regularly visit the hospital as I was not fully cured and saw that the doctor was charging me 100/- bucks for each visit where as he was charging less for other people. As I was not getting better there I went to a medical college and there I got a treatement and there they diagnosed the symptoms properly and started the treatment. And here after the treatment for 6 months the total cost of the treatment was around Rs.5000/-

I am now well and healthy. The doctors in the medical college told me that the doctor had simply done all the expensive test because I was a software engineer.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Came back!!! ;)

Hi to all the bloggers who visit my blogs.

Sorry was busy with life.

In the mean time from the time I stopped writing the blog I got married, became a proud father of a son. Then trying to maintain by job in this economic slowdown.

Recently our company started the layoff and I was very woried if I will be next one as I had done some investment thinking that my job is secure. This is major pit fall each individual makes when doing the investment planning [which I also have done :( ], that they always think that the job which they are holding is permanent and from there we will be getting a steady supply of money. We only reliase that this is not so when we get layed off or when there are layoff in your company right left front and back.

I have done some research on investment while I was off blogging and I will let you people let you know about them in my future blogs.

So keep those comments coming. Marketing, spammers please excuse.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Income Tax Returns.

All you who want to know about tax can visit the following URL for FAQ regarding it.

Or you can visit following site of Income tax India for all the information you need and for downloading of required forms.

You can now file your returns online on the following site

Here all you have to do is register your self with your PAN number. PAN number is compulsory as this is your unique user id. After you have created your login download the required form and fill up the form and generate a XML file from it and upload that XML on the site and your return filing is over.

The forms that are available are in PDF forms which you can fill it in any Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free download.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Every year many of my friends ask me about investment and IT returns when they get a mail from our payroll regarding what is there investment planning for the year or when they get Form 16A at the start of the financial year. To all these friends I am dedicating my next few blogs to let them know all I know about investment and IT Returns.

The main thing which I have noted is that many people blindly invest in some policy / National Saving Certificate (NSC) / Public Provident Fund (PPF) / Mutual Fund without any study or flow some ones investment plan. This is the major flaw in there money planning. Here are few of the pointers which every one should answer before searching for the right investment plan.

  • What is the need of the investment, Tax saving or Retirement or house/car buying etc.
  • What is time duration?
  • How much is needed?
  • How much they can spare?
The above points give ample pointers as to what, when and how the money is required.

In my future blogs I will through light on all the points I have mentioned above and more. So keep watching this space for more.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Review of the films I saw.

Recently I saw King Kong, Doom, Jawani Diwani and After the Sunset.

King Kong: This is a must see movie the director had shot the film very well. The animation of the kong is mind blowing the expression shown by the kong, the emotions the showing of its emotions to the heroine is done very well.
The must see shot in this movie is the fighting between the kong and the dinosaurs. While seeing the fight it does not seem as if it is not naturally shot.
I recommend to see this movie. This movie should not be skipped.

Doom: I was waiting for this film for a long time since I had seen the preview and heard about it. But the film was a utter disaster. The character where very dull and the whole film was very dark and you where not able to make out the demons. There was a wrong picturisation in the movie, the actor Rock takes a swap card of some scientist then he uses the hand of other scientist to open the door to a advance weapon storage. In the end they have picturised it as if playing the game. The film is shot as a fps through the heros eye. I would recommend the viewer to skip this film unless you are a doom game fan, or fan of some character in the movie.

Jawani Diwani: This film was also not so good they had told that it is a comedy film, ya the biggest comedy was that this film was categorised as a comedy film. None of the characters and their acting could get this film out. In the theater I saw ppl leaving even before the first half was over. The acting of Imran Hasmi and celin jetliy was pathetic. My recommendation to the viewer is to skip this movie also.

After the sunset: This film was ok but very slow moving. Too much of other thing then the real thing. Few the shots where cut courtesy of Indian Censor Board. In the shot of stealing the diamond they have tried to bring the excitement of MI 1 but they have failed fully. This is a must see for Salma Hayak fans she is looking very sexy in this movie.

The next movie which I want to see are Chicken Little, MI 3

Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Diwali

Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. As in our company they are implementing BS7799 security protocol they are blocking all the sites except the site usefull to the project. Due to which I am not able to blog regularly.

I am now at one of the clients office for work and hope so that I can blog some what regularly.

Any how it is Diwali Time in India. So wish you all a very happy diwali.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Talk

Sorry blogger friends for not blogging for last one week. I had been out of station.

Just now I came to know that google had released the beta version of Google Talk. I have downloaded the software it was a mere 900KB in size, it has a very small foot print but you can connect to Jabber servers like GAIM, Trillian, etc and can do voice chatting. I tried the voice chatting and the sound clarity is awesome. I had earlerier tried the yahoo's voice chat using there new beta version on yahoo messenger, the sound quality of yahoo is not anywhere near that of google. With so many messengers floating around on the net google needs some thing new to pull the buddies from there messenger program to google talk. Things which the user of google are asking is that they should enable to chat with other messengers. The messenging service is very fast.
For information you can see following urls:

Lets us all hope that this feature is very soon incorporated into the google talk.